At My Plan Support we love to help parents and carers of children with ASD.   Our plan management is just one of the services that can really make a difference.  This workshop by Tony Attwood and Sue Larkey is another.

‘Autism Spectrum Disorder – a different way of thinking, learning and managing emotions.’

If you want to get your head around what Autism Spectrum Disorder is or get inside the mind of your child, learn some great strategies or just feel understood and like you are not alone in this journey then this workshop is a great place to start.

From the moment you sit down, pen posed for some much needed advice, you instantly connect with the content.   Story after story seems to be taken from your own journey and you can’t help but silently cry as you feel a little understood.  You re-live the moments when you felt alone and helpless, not knowing what to do or how to best love and nurture your child.

But the best is yet to come!   By the end of the day there is a new strength, a new determination and fresh insight into a way forward.  A new understanding of your exceptional child, some well needed strategies and a strong sense of hope and celebration.

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