Best NDIS Plan Managers

That’s a big claim and we’ve worked hard to make it true. Read why other people agree and find out how to get on board. It’s easy. 

Best NDIS Plan Managers

That’s a big claim and we’ve worked hard to make it true.

What Is NDIS Plan Management?

How do we make your life easier?

Why Choose Us?

We believe we’re the best. Let Us tell you why.

How To Get Started.

Helping you take the next step.

What Is NDIS Plan Management

How We Make Your Life Easier

We Pay Your Providers

You don’t have to handle money, keep records or make payment requests. Your providers send their invoices to us and we handle the rest. Our highly trained staff know which budget category each cost should be drawn from. We pay fast so your balance is always up to date.

We Keep You On Track

You get our live portal to track your progress on your phone or iPad,  a monthly statement and notifications if you’re spending funds too fast or too slow. We can set allocations for your important providers so you never run out of money for them. We’re helping you utilise your funding. Learn More About Our Live Portal

We Keep You In Control

You can choose providers who are not registered with NDIS if you want. You can also choose to approve each invoice before we process it. Your portal and your statement shows you how much you have spent with each provider.

Plan Management Is Free Of Charge

That’s right, the budget for our set, regulated, NDIS plan management fee is added on to your plan, not subtracted from it. It actually costs you nothing.

Small Enough To Care

Yes!.. we answer calls and reply to emails and you speak to the same competent and caring staff member every time.

Why Choose Us?

You’ll never look back if you choose My Plan Support as your NDIS plan manager.

We're Experienced & Friendly

We care for more than 1300 participants and process more than 4 million dollars of provider payments each month. That means we know what’s going on in the NDIS and how to help you make the most of it. Let us handle the admin load for you.

A Dedicated Plan Administrator

Each of our participants is assigned a dedicated plan administrator. This friendly and experienced person will get to know you and your plan and you speak to the same person, on a direct line, every time you call. The same goes for email. You’re not just a number in our system. You’re a person. #plan management through relationship.

We're Fast and Responsive

We return calls and emails promptly so you can get advice or information when you need it. We pay without delay, most invoices get paid on the second or third business day. It cannot be done faster than we do it so there’s no waiting for reimbursements or for your providers to receive their payment.

We're Australia-Wide

No matter where you live in Australia or it’s territories, you can access the excellent services of My Plan Support as your NDIS plan manager. We have happy participants accross the land – even in Norfolk Island.

No Conflict Of Interests

We only offer plan management. We don’t funnel our participants into other services that we provide. This is important because it means we’re really just looking out for you – to make sure you’re treated fairly and supported thoroughly.

We Have Great Reviews

People’s testimonies are hard to ignore. You can read their independent reviews right here. You will notice that some of Australia’s biggest plan managers do not allow Google reviews. You can decide why that is.

Cannot fault this plan management provider! Acknowledgement of my invoice was received instantaneously, along with a tracking system that allowed me to keep up to date on the progress of my invoice payment! Invoice was paid within 24 hours. I have had some really poor experiences with plan management providers, so this was such a refreshing and welcomed experience in this space. Would highly recommend this service!!
Kellie Abraham
Kellie Abraham
06:17 10 Jun 21
Excellent customer service, great communication and response times. All invoices were paid in a very prompt manner with an average turnaround of 2.5 - 3 business days. I really can not fault this business, keep up the great work!Highly recommended for any Participant’s that have their NDIS Funds plan managed.
Craig Genrich
Craig Genrich
22:10 08 Oct 20
Easy to communicate with and prompt payment of invoices.
Ian Little
Ian Little
23:06 27 Jun 20
What a delight to cross over with the team from My Plan Support. Helpful, professional and efficient is how I would describe my interaction as a service provider.
Mel Burgess
Mel Burgess
03:12 16 Jun 20
My family and especially my life is now sooooo much better, with the help and support of MY PLAN SUPPORT!Any problems I’ve had are resolved quickly and professionally, not that I have any now since joining them !They keep me updated on a regular basis.I know exactly what’s happening.I honestly cannot recommend them enough, they are amazing, always there to help, and their knowledge is limitless!One thing I now DO NOT have to worry about!!Highly recommend!!!!
L Baker
L Baker
05:42 27 May 20
This agency is easy to deal with. Staff helpful. Payment very fast.
John Strath
John Strath
23:45 26 May 20
The best run payment system I have known in my business.
Robert Collins
Robert Collins
08:18 05 Apr 20
Very happy with the service and the fast turn around no more waiting for payment, I can't wait for other clients to use your service. Thank you
Donna Totman
Donna Totman
00:19 13 Mar 20
I am an NDIS approved provider and in contact with many Plan Managers. My support to clients depends on timely payment by the Plan Manager. This plan manager is one of the best in organising timely payments. They really care about their clients.
Jeff Shmulburd
Jeff Shmulburd
22:29 26 Feb 20
FantasticEasy to communicate with
Kaye Learoyd-Hamilton
Kaye Learoyd-Hamilton
22:31 29 Oct 19
fast paymemt
Kaye Hamilton
Kaye Hamilton
06:41 02 Oct 19
Very efficient and fast paying
Pauline Gilson
Pauline Gilson
23:10 10 Sep 19
Great to receive payment in a timely fashion. Quick and easy.
Leesa Martyn
Leesa Martyn
03:29 25 Aug 19
fast paying. great to deal with
Lee Ford
Lee Ford
23:58 29 Jan 19
Great communication and payments received within 3 business days from when I send off the invoices makes my book keeping easy.
Jason Madden
Jason Madden
05:48 28 Nov 18
After a very mediocre experience with Plan Management, I'm thrilled with My Plan Support. Not only are My Plan Support efficient & knowledgeable with regards to all things NDIS, they communicate extremely well & in a timely manner. Highly reccomended. With Thanks.
Sally Davis
Sally Davis
01:39 15 Oct 18
As a provider, we love the prompt payments via My Plan Support- within 3 days!! Fantastic for us as a small business. Much better than the 6-9 weeks we've had to wait with other services. Their communication is timely and clear. They sort out NDIS glitches for us and for our clients. Quite a few of our clients are with My Plan Support and they are giving great reports about the friendly, personal service, the care and concern and the professionalism. We are highly recommending them to our other clients so they can experience the helpfulness and efficiency offered.Yolande WillisDirector- Best Behaved KidsSocial-emotional and behaviour support
Yolande Willis
Yolande Willis
05:18 20 Sep 18
Plan Management is much easier than self-managing and much more freedom of choice than agency managed. My Plan Support gives prompt and friendly communication and prompt payment of invoices. And assistance in getting information and quotes from service providers. Corina is making my life easier and better.
Cedar Whelan
Cedar Whelan
06:30 12 Sep 18
I highly recommend MyPlanSupport. Corina is very knowledgeable with outstanding communication skills.
Sally Louise Cat
Sally Louise Cat
06:01 12 Sep 18

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